Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Rainy Day Fun

Got an energetic toddler who just loves running about in the garden? 

We do! 
Sometimes she just needs wearing out and living in Britain we are all to used to being at the will of the weather and having to hide out indoors. The 'Briun Flying Buddies Activity Ride-On' is a fantastic toy for such occasions – keeping them entertained and nicely worn out! When the sun has been out we've also taken it out for a spin in the garden which is a double bonus. 

I decided I wanted to get Squiggle a ride-on toy for her first birthday – when we had been to friends houses and playgroups she seemed to make a beeline for them so my mind was made up! I think it was pretending to drive them and push all the buttons that she really loved so I was on the look out for one that would deliver. 

I actually brought a different one first but when I saw this I just couldn't resist, my first purchase went back and I got this one instead! As it was her first birthday I just really wanted to get one gift that had a real wow factor when she opened it and this certainly did! Her little face lit up when she saw it which had a pretty magical effect on her mummy and daddy. Shaped like a plane we got the pink version but it also comes in a more neutral blue. Here is my little cutie on her birthday with her very own aeroplane:

When you push one of the buttons the front propeller spins round and lights up and looks fantastic. She was amazed by it and as I predicted the first thing my little explorer did was put her hand in it! I had checked it wouldn't hurt first but was still a little worried, however she was fine - pleased to report all 10 fingers are still in tact!! 

Everything makes a noise on it (you may consider this a good or bad point!) the key turns, there are buttons to push and along the sides are shape sorters which make a great noise when you push the shape through. The seat lifts up also lots of fun to be had putting things in and out of it! It has a handle at the back so she was able to push it along like a walker while she was learning to get her balance and if she sat on it, she could put her feet up on the wings and we could push her along. 

At age one storing things in the seat, pushing the buttons and getting pushed around the living room were her favourite things... now aged 18 months she has got the hang of the shape sorter and can spend half an hour or more playing with that... and in the future I can still see her getting lots of fun out of it as she is just starting to get the hang of pushing it along herself with her feet. 

Older toddlers who have been round to play have loved it too... although one was pretty disappointed it didn't actually fly - don't worry I'm sure that will be next years must have toy! 

If I had to find some negatives I would say the steering wheel could spin a bit more as I think toddlers love pretending they are driving as they have seen us grown ups do. Also our batteries have just run out after 6 months – maybe most would consider that good going but I just hate buying them! Small grumbles really for a fabulous, fun toy – 
the sky's the limit!

I purchased the ride on from Toys R Us, it's still available at a price of £29.99

Quick toy tot up!
I've put together a little scale of things I think are important when choosing toys:
Fun factor 9
Shelf life 7

Development & Learning 7

Encouraging imaginations 6

Value for money 7

Total: 36/50

And perhaps most importantly if I did it all again would I buy this? Big thumbs up yes!!