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Monday, 5 March 2012

Small science

A day out at the Science Museum

This weekend we took a day trip to London and headed to the Science Museum. You might not think it would be suitable for a 2 year old but honestly I would really recommend it. First of all we wondered round the space section and looked at the planes and trains until we came to the pattern pod. It is a small area aimed at younger children and is packed full of hands-on fun things to do. Squiggle enjoyed making a pattern on a computer screen and seeing it projected on the wall, trying to catch projected fish on a piece of paper and practising walking like different animals. She also now knows all about a new shape, spirals! She really loved it, it's nice to visit a museum that's so up to date and focused on getting the children involved. 

From there we headed straight down a level to the basement where you can buy food or eat your own packed lunch. After lunch we went into the bubble show (also in the basement) which they were running every hour and was fab!

The 'bubble king' was very entertaining and managed to keep a room full of toddlers sitting on their bottoms which is always impressive! That was enough for us as we decided best not to overload her but I'm sure there's plenty more to explore. 

We chose instead to head to St James's Park to get some sun and try and spot some pelicans. A fantastic day out, and once you get to London all full of free activities!