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Monday, 12 March 2012

The little things: 2


  1. A lovely lady on the train telling me Squiggle was a delight. She had been playing eye spy, singing her abc, making up stories and loving every minute of the train ride!
  2. She really found her confidence and joined in at a group activity shouting out her favourite animals.
  3. She has been making me laugh harder than I have in ages with her amazing sense of humour.


  1. Everything I tell her coming back to haunt me. For example "Mummy you must behave, that is very naughty, can I please have that crayon or I will be very cross. You mustn't boss."
  2. After giving up and jumping off the toilet she then ran back in shouting "I did it mummy. I did my Poo!"
  3. Her new catchphrase... "no I won't."

Monday, 27 February 2012

The little things: 1

This is mainly for myself, the little things I don't want to forget!
So here are the things that have made me gush with pride this week:

1. She was playing with her alphabet stickers and brought an 'M' sticker to me in the kitchen, stuck it on my leg and said "I've found your letter Mummy mmm mmm mmm mmm mummy."

2. She made up some amazing stories with her own imagination which had us all in fits of laughter.

3. She was very sweet to a little girl in the playground, even after the little girl tipped stones over her head... twice!

And then the not so good...

1. She calle me a bossy boots.

2. She made up a song about Upsy Daisy's poo at the dinner table (although actually pretty funny).

3. She told tales on Daddy (also funny).