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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Doing the happy food dance with Organix

Organix very kindly sent us some of their new 'Mini Cheese Crackers' to try out. I love the Goodies range, we never leave home without a snack to hand and their no junk promise really fills you with confidence that you are not giving your little one anything that's bad for them. Plus they taste good!

Here is what they have to say about their latest product:

"Our tasty organic cheese crackers are a great savoury snack - made with real organic cheese, they are yummy on their own or scrumptious with a dip.  And of course they come with our No Junk Promise, which means they only contain simple, organic ingredients and absolutely zero junk!  Each box contains 4 handy bags for little hands and the RRP is £1.99 per box."

And here's what Squiggle had to say... (um hope it works for you, this is my first attempt at doing a video and it has been getting the better of me!)

The crackers are a nice small size for little ones, so they can easily help themselves. My little girl loved them, she did the happy food dance and made all the right mm mm mmm noises. I put a couple on a plate for her and she soon tipped the rest out of the packet to finish them off. I think they would be quite filling too which a lot of handbag sized snacks don't tend to be. I obviously and happily had to try a couple myself and they taste great. They're not too cheesey and don't taste salty like a lot of cheese biscuits so shouldn't leave your little one thirsty. The packs are just the right size to pop in your bag but also for independent little ones to hold themselves. We took them on our day out to the theme park at the weekend, when the rain came down I was able to use these as a bribe to get her in her pushchair and under the rain cover, hurray! A big hit with both of us!! 

They are available to buy on the Organix online shop, Waitrose and Boots stores and are coming to Asda next month so well worth popping in the trolley.