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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Check out cheek

Well I thought I'd join in with From Crumby Mummy's 'Terrible Twosday' today. But first a confession... I wasn't there. When I picked Squiggle up from Nana yesterday she told me all about what a great girl she had been, except... oh here we go...

Whilst at the till at the garden centre while my mum was busy trying to pay for something, my little 2 year old picked up the pile of leaflets and threw them on the floor. My mum promptly told her to pick them up, "No I won't" was the answer. As my mum started to pick them up my little angel found another pile and through that on the floor and burst out laughing. She then announced to the garden centre with delight "I'm making a mess!" (I think they could all see that). Still not content she then made a dash for a fire poker on display leaving my mum bewildered at what had gotten into her!

They talked about it when they got home and she agreed she wouldn't do it again and I then talked to her and again she said she wouldn't do it again, I think it was all a game to her really!

The funniest thing about it all was, while my mum was telling me the story, the way Squiggle was listening very intently to every word we were saying about her. Because of this I was trying to be very serious so she understood this was not the updates mummy wished to be receiveing, my mum however giggled her way through the whole tale!! We'll see what happens next time!