Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Going potty

Making slow progress with potty training at the moment! I let squiggle choose some pants at the weekend to see if that would inspire her but she's just not interested, she's very good at ignoring me and saying she's busy! Anyone got any good tips or know some kind of handy guide they could recommend? I'd be very grateful!! xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Christmas hits

As Christmas has come and gone and the wrapping paper long since thrown away, I thought I'd review the presents the lucky little girl in our house got, that have been the biggest hits.

I've compiled a top 10 for my 2 year old girl...

1. Puzzles
These have been the surprise hit this Christmas, she got a few and has really got the hang of them, I've been amazed! She got the Gruffalo puzzle book and loves to do this every night with me before bed.

2. The Art Jar
What a great buy, we are getting so much fun from such a simple gift. Every time squiggle sees it she asks to make a sock puppet, but we are finding other things to make too as I kind of need some socks...

3. Lotto!
My sister gave her a game of animal lotto, it's great fun to have something we can all play together. As well as being fun, it's great for colours and you can use it as a memory game too. She's not quite got that competitive streak though yet and loves finding our animals as much as her own.

4. The Dolls House  
Granny and Papa kindly gave her a beautiful dolls house from the Early Learning Centre. I always wanted to get her one but in the back of my mind I wondered if she would actually play with it. Well she does! She loves it and really uses her imagination making up roll plays and reenacting everyday scenarios. Her favourite game is "Daddy is stuck on the roof again", this is not an every day scenario...

5. Melissa & Doug Cookie Felts
Santa picked these up in TK Maxx and they are lovely. The felts come with a baking tray so she can arrange the different felt layers and then pretend to bake them for us.

6. The Gruffalo's Child Book and Plush Toy  
I am so surprised but this book has captured her imagination much more than the first story. She seems to love the excitement of it all and pretends to read the story to her toy in a dramatic voice. She has also spent some time looking for the big bag mouse in the woods!

7. Duplo Bricks 
What a great toy, hours of fun again and again, enough said!

8. ELC Cash Register  
Yep she's already obsessed with money and shopping... another great way for her to roll play everyday outings. I love the fact it has a credit card and everything.

9. Dressing Up Clothes  
See my last post!! Seems to love feeling like a princess at such a young age!

10. Wow bath toy – Danny's Diving Adventure
An absolute hit in the bath, in particular the dolphin!

My 'Mummy Loves...' entry!

Mummy Loves blog is running an amazing competition with Appliance Online to win £100 of Amazon vouchers. See how to enter yourself here: mummyloves

I have a favourite picture of my little one in dressing up clothes so I just had to enter! I was lucky enough to win a family ticket to The Enchanted Christmas at The London Art House last year. We went in December just before Christmas and it was a really magical day.

On arrival at the house there was a room full of different play areas, one being a selection of dressing up clothes. My daughter quickly decided she wanted to be a princess and chose the Snow White outfit and loved it! She kept it on all day and looked very cute I have to say (biased?!). My chosen photo shows her in the gingerbread room where the children were all given gingerbread men to decorate and then surprised by the man himself. She was so excited as she loves the story of the gingerbread man... I think you can see from her face. She was still wearing the costume when we went to see Santa and he obviously thought Squiggle looked gorgeous as he brought her her very own one on Christmas morning xx

My New Years Resolution

Happy 2012 everyone!!
My resolution is to really give my blog a go... I've got some new ideas for it so am going to give it a revamp over the next couple of weeks so watch this space x