Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Gadget Ga Ga

I have done things backwards, with my first child I was all about the basics as I was determined not to waste my or anyone else's money on baby gadgetry that you just don't need.

This time I have felt a bit differently, I already had the basics and have let people buy things that, actually, I realised could come in a little bit handy.

So over the next week I am going gadget ga ga and am going to blog about the contraptions and products that have actually made life a bit easier. If you have reviewed any of the products I mention feel free to leave links as I'm sure people like more than one opinion!

My first post will be the gro swaddling blanket. Coming up I have nappy bags, bins, breast pumps, chairs and slings so please check back and have a read!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Super speedy craft, bottle top bug!

Well this morning we managed to squeeze in a super speedy craft, as well as wash the dishes and hang out the washing during babies quick nap! I like to try and do something with my 3 year old while he's having a sleep so this is what we did...

She has since been playing hide and seek with him in the garden - 15 minutes well spent! X

Monday, 22 April 2013

Newborns... Vertbaudet style!

With the arrival of our baby boy we were so lucky again with gorgeous gifts from friends and family. Our little boy is well kitted out for a couple of months and I have picked up some great gift ideas for a few expectant mums I know!

One of my favourites was a newborn set sent to us from Vertbaudet. I found that actually we had hardly any newborn clothes ready for him as people tend to buy a size or two up, so this outfit was a life saver!

The set came in a cute little bag and contained a long sleeved vest, hat and baby grow. We were sent the set in yellow which was lovely as everything else he owns is blue blue blue! It's great if you want to buy before you know what your having as it could suit boy or girl. I often think unisex clothes are pretty boring but this is gorgeous and I would happily buy it in advance.

The clothes are lovely quality and the grow is nice and thick, so it has been my outfit of choice to keep baby snug when out and aboute. One of my favourite things about it is the design of the vest, it crosses over and buttons at the side (as well as the bottom) so is really easy to get on and off. Newborn babies are so delicate and I loved not having to try and get it over his head and struggle getting his arms in, especially when it's long sleeved - so much easier!

So what do you think of my little model? I think my handsome man looks cute as anything! According to mum "J'aime rever" means "I love to dream" which is lovely don't you think?! I wonder what he does dream about?


We were also sent this fantastic canvas toy box. It is easy to assemble and looks great in any room, a great gift idea or addition to your nursery! I was so so pleased to receive this as we didn't have anything like this ready for his room. As people gave our baby boy gifts of toys and books it was lovely to have somewhere to store them straight away.

dog courtesy of baby's uncle ;)

The design and colours look great and being neutral would fit in with any room design. I love the fact it's on wheels so you can move it easily once it is packed full of toys. It would be a great gift for somebody who you think already has everything, it can be hard to think of something to buy for a second baby if they are fully stocked with hand-me-downs, this is ideal. A great storage solution for your new baby!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Help! How do you do it?!

Well we are approaching our baby blue turning 1 month old. My 3 year old has been really good with everything and we are doing well! I have had no time to write any blog posts though, I have to seize every moment when baby is in his cot to clean, make Squiggles dinner, get those baby grows in the wash, and read some of those stories I have been promising all day!

I'm not the first person with a blog to have more than one child so it clearly can be done! How do you do it? Tips please!

I am writing this while feeding baby so maybe it's a case of utilising my iPhone and multitasking. Watch this space I'm hoping to write a few posts next week and get back in the swing of things...

Wish me luck and excuse any spelling mistakes, posts may be written at 3am! X x