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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My 'Mummy Loves...' entry!

Mummy Loves blog is running an amazing competition with Appliance Online to win £100 of Amazon vouchers. See how to enter yourself here: mummyloves

I have a favourite picture of my little one in dressing up clothes so I just had to enter! I was lucky enough to win a family ticket to The Enchanted Christmas at The London Art House last year. We went in December just before Christmas and it was a really magical day.

On arrival at the house there was a room full of different play areas, one being a selection of dressing up clothes. My daughter quickly decided she wanted to be a princess and chose the Snow White outfit and loved it! She kept it on all day and looked very cute I have to say (biased?!). My chosen photo shows her in the gingerbread room where the children were all given gingerbread men to decorate and then surprised by the man himself. She was so excited as she loves the story of the gingerbread man... I think you can see from her face. She was still wearing the costume when we went to see Santa and he obviously thought Squiggle looked gorgeous as he brought her her very own one on Christmas morning xx