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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

From cot to bed and how to remove a head

We have finally plucked up the courage and turned Squiggle's cot into a bed and taken off the sides. She turns 3 in a few months and I know most people would be surprised we hadn't done it sooner! She has always been happy in her cot but it was getting to the point where she was becoming too heavy for me to lift in. Also when going away or staying at people's houses she is really a bit too big to sleep in a travel cot now so we wanted to get her used to beds.

She's been very excited about it all which has meant some long evenings for us! After about 5 minutes we usually hear the light turn on, then the door creaking, followed by footsteps and then a little face peeking round the door with the biggest pleased as punch grin you have ever seen. We are averaging about a 9pm sleep time at the moment, but we'll get there!

The biggest stress came last night... of all the bed related things I had worried about, this wasn't one. I heard her calling me at about 3am, weird I thought because she normally just jumps straight out of her room and shouts up the stairs if she wakes up. Maybe she's really tired and will just go back to sleep I thought. I decided I better check on her and thank goodness because the poor little thing had rolled out of bed, then half under it and got her head stuck. I had to twist it on its side and pull it out. I was surprised she wasn't a bit traumatised but she just told me quite matter of factly what had happened and happily got back in bed. I was really worried and couldn't sleep after that, what If I hadn't heard her and she'd been unable to breathe?

These things are so scary, the whole bed thing has scared me quite a lot in general, I go to sleep every night with that feeling that my little girl is vulnerable. Am I neurotic?

I stuffed some giant floor cushions under the bed last night which have jammed the gap but I'll have to come up with a better solution!

Has anyone else find the swap hard, everyone seemed to tell me it was easy peasey before we did it!!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dreaming big

I didn't get much sleep last night, I'm not going to complain too much though... strangely I almost enjoyed being woken last night.

At 4am the dreaded "Muuuuuuummy I want more miiiiiilk" on repeat. She really only wakes every now and then in the night, I normally bring her some milk, leave it with her and go back to bed so it's not too much bother. 

Last night I couldn't get back to sleep though, and neither could she. After 30 minutes of me lying awake I heard "Muuuuummy, can I come in your bed?" She hasn't asked that in ages so I thought she must really be feeling restless so I brought her up. 

Then she randomly wanted me to find her Snow White doll to cuddle, so I did. After telling her a couple of made up stories about our little friend Oscar Mouse she nodded off. 

Then she started jumping, twitching and making noises... oh no nightmares I thought. But Then I realised she was actually laughing! So funny. Then all was quiet again. Just snoring. More quiet. Then she shouts "we are princesses, we are princesses!" still asleep, but sounded so excited. 

I was really surprised she was dreaming about princesses, I thought she'd be dreaming about things she does, like eating peas or something. What a cute little insight into my daughters mind. I'm happy mummy, but after the alarm went of an hour and a half later, very tired!