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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It's not going to stop raining so...

...lets do some sponge painting!

It's cheap, it's messy, and it's very fun (especially when you are 2!)
My little one really got stuck in doing this, so much so I've hidden the sponges for a few days so we don't have to do it every time it rains!

I got our sponges from Tesco, they were only about a pound and a pound well spent. We used some Galt poster paints for the colour and then drew round them in pastels afterwards.

Sorry I didn't get any photos of the printing in progress... messy hands!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Rainy day cakes

Sunday rain day meant it was time to make our own fun. Squiggle had been given the Annabel Karmel 'Children's First Cookbook' for her last birthday so we tried it out. For the first time for baking time I decided to bring her little low table downstairs to the kitchen for her and it made such a difference. She could reach everything, measuring, pouring and stirring, it was great fun. The book is lovely and the fairy cake recipe was so simple. It's really nice how the ingredients are laid out as pictures so she was able to look at the book and tell me which ingredients I needed to get out of the cupboard. I can't wait to give some of the other recipes a go together.

We made our fairy cakes into butterfly cakes... just because we love lemon curd!