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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Joy of Swimming

This is my entry to the BritMums Joy of Swimming Competition, sponsored by British Gas.

Swimming memories...I have lots of wonderful swimming memories – my dad teaching me, my mums face as my little brother chose to swim underwater before above it, braving the British seas on family holidays and always always insisting you weren't cold and didn't need to come out – despite having blue lips and being covered in goose bumps. One of favourite things in the world is to swim in the sea, I find it so peaceful and relaxing... you won't often find me by a hotel pool!

My swimming memory I have chosen may not sound like it should be a joyous one but strangely I always look back at it happily. It was all very exciting to me at the time and the memory always brings me a smile.

I can't remember how old I was - perhaps 5ish - I could swim, just not that strongly. We were on the holiday of our dreams visiting Disney in America and were at the Wet and Wild water park for the day. I was having fun swimming in the pool, I think my older sister and dad were in there too, it was pretty busy and my mum was sitting out with my baby brother. Now don't ask me why but we had no idea it was a wave pool... until the waves began to start. I thought it was really funny when they started, then the pool started to feel very crowded and very deep and as I went up and right down it wasn't long before I wasn't too sure about it, then just blackness.

The next thing I remember was waking up in an American mans arms and being handed to my worried or maybe more embarrassed mum! I don't even think I told anyone I had passed out, I was so worried I'd never be allowed in any of the pools again. I paddled with my brother on the beach bit of the pool instead while the waves were on after that.

Looking back I always think how these memories make me realise how different I was as a child. I never complained of illness or injury (I once skied a whole day with a broken arm) and just didn't have that sense of fear. I just wanted to get back in the water! These days I'm all up for a bit of sympathy!

It's such a shame you lose that as you get older, but I guess it's necessary for survival... and so that you are able to be responsible watch out for your own fearless child I guess.

I love watching my daughter swimming she just has so much excitement in the water. At 2 half I have just managed to get her over her bizarre fear of inflatable things to wear some armbands. She loved it! And kept begging me to let go so she could swim on her own...hmmm. No fear in her yet either then!!

My water baby

Joy of Swimming 125x125

Monday, 2 April 2012

The joy of Spring

My little one playing under the same blossom tree I used to love as a child. What could make a mummy happier than that? x

Monday, 26 March 2012

A 2 year old's logic

I dare anybody to argue with a two year old. Here are some examples 
of our recent little gems of perfect toddler sense...

No mummy I can't start having my bedtime milk in a beaker because...
"milk is white and cups are cold"

No you can't have another biscuit...
"yes because I haven't had four yet"
when did anyone say you could have four?

Me: Weatabix time.
"Weatabix is yucky"
Me: Would you like some weatabix?
"Yes please mummy"

"Giraffes like trees because they are only friendly."

Please don't break mummy's towel basket.
"But it's my house too."

Don't forget to water that flower...
"no, because it's already grown"

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dreaming big

I didn't get much sleep last night, I'm not going to complain too much though... strangely I almost enjoyed being woken last night.

At 4am the dreaded "Muuuuuuummy I want more miiiiiilk" on repeat. She really only wakes every now and then in the night, I normally bring her some milk, leave it with her and go back to bed so it's not too much bother. 

Last night I couldn't get back to sleep though, and neither could she. After 30 minutes of me lying awake I heard "Muuuuummy, can I come in your bed?" She hasn't asked that in ages so I thought she must really be feeling restless so I brought her up. 

Then she randomly wanted me to find her Snow White doll to cuddle, so I did. After telling her a couple of made up stories about our little friend Oscar Mouse she nodded off. 

Then she started jumping, twitching and making noises... oh no nightmares I thought. But Then I realised she was actually laughing! So funny. Then all was quiet again. Just snoring. More quiet. Then she shouts "we are princesses, we are princesses!" still asleep, but sounded so excited. 

I was really surprised she was dreaming about princesses, I thought she'd be dreaming about things she does, like eating peas or something. What a cute little insight into my daughters mind. I'm happy mummy, but after the alarm went of an hour and a half later, very tired!

Monday, 12 March 2012

The little things: 2


  1. A lovely lady on the train telling me Squiggle was a delight. She had been playing eye spy, singing her abc, making up stories and loving every minute of the train ride!
  2. She really found her confidence and joined in at a group activity shouting out her favourite animals.
  3. She has been making me laugh harder than I have in ages with her amazing sense of humour.


  1. Everything I tell her coming back to haunt me. For example "Mummy you must behave, that is very naughty, can I please have that crayon or I will be very cross. You mustn't boss."
  2. After giving up and jumping off the toilet she then ran back in shouting "I did it mummy. I did my Poo!"
  3. Her new catchphrase... "no I won't."

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What was the number 1 hit in the music charts when your baby was born?

I've been tagged! Thanks From Slummy to Yummy Mummy for making me feel loved!

So the rules of this meme are to cast your mind back to the wonderful day our little ones were born and post the number one song and album at the time... no I wasn't listening to the chart show either, I was scaring all the other mums in the hospital with my best screaming, so I had to look it up. As recommended I found out at Every Hit.

I love the results! Squiggle is destined to be 100% pure pop!

Number 1 single was:
"Everybody in Love" by JLS
I had forgotten but we actually used to sing this too her and change the lyrics! "All the mummy's in love, put your hands up" and so on, you get the idea! Silly but a nice memory to have back.

Number 1 album was:
Cheryl Cole
Eek not so sure about this one, doesn't bring back any memories of my daughter, just of Rufus Hound and his excellent 'fight for this love' routine.

What were yours?

I'm tagging these lovely ladies (if your up for it) and anyone else who would like to join in! x