Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Reliving adventure

I am well out of season with this photo (definitely no snow here) but for me it fitted this weeks Gallery theme 'adventure' perfectly. It just sums up childhood adventures for me and reminds me of the long days we used to spend running off into fields with friends, even a trip to the nearby brook could be made into an adventure. Here is my little girl a little fed up with the mud on her feet after such an adventure with her older cousins.

The girls told me about the meadow they visit with wide eyes that reminded me of myself at their age – like it was a deserted place miles away, which only they knew of! Off they all went to explore and build a rope swing over a muddy ditch. I was a bit of a kill joy and followed behind as my little one was only 2! She was so excited to be able to go on the adventure with all of them but didn't last as long as she got hungry & fed up with muddy feet so home we went. 

She'll get the hang of it!!


  1. I am sure she will! As a child, it is easy to find an adventure at every corner... Beautiful photo.

  2. Shame. Full of promise but unable to live up to it!!

  3. Gorgeous photo. Roll on summer!

  4. So cute, she looks exhausted! Tough being the youngest one hey :(

  5. Gorgeous photo and making me nostalgic for some sun :-)

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