Tuesday, 12 February 2013

36 weeks

The strangest thing about being 36 weeks pregnant is the idea that I could go into labour in 2 weeks or 6 weeks time. It seems such a huge difference! My daughter was born at 38 weeks and a few people have said the second normally follows suit... others however have said it makes no difference! I'm trying not to assume he will come early as I think that will make being overdue really hard! Especially as I didn't have to wait the first time and friends that have gone over have found it really difficult.

With my daughter we just seemed to know, the doctor and the receptionist both said they didn't expect to see me again. My husband was giddy the night before my waters broke, telling Squiggle he couldn't wait to meet her tomorrow. He was almost right but it took her till the morning after to actually be born!

This time I have no clue, but i have noticed some changes but they are different from before. My tummy feels like it's pressing down and forwards when I sit, I can't really cross my legs all of a sudden and the front of my pelvis aches quite a lot. I made the mistake of googling this the other night, never a good idea to consult forums with medical enquiries! The doctor said it was simply the baby moving downwards.

The swelling in my hands and ankles isn't tooooo bad but my left foot is suddenly bigger than my right, what on earth does that mean?!

I am looking forward to starting my maternity leave in a week and a half, am terrified by the thought of having a baby in tube travel rush hour!! Really not up for naming my child after a London tube station.

I was in a flap about the labour this time (now I know it really does hurt) but have calmed down after chatting to friends and my fellow twitter mums.

This will sound silly I always feel nervous about writing too much on my blog about my pregnancy in the fear it will jinx things but I have been finding other peoples updates really helpful to read so am sharing mine for the same reason!

I would love to hear if anybody's experiences have been similar to mine? X x


  1. Love reading your updates as you're just a few weeks ahead of me. Glad to see you are feeling the pressure and pelvic pains this time too. I only had this the night I went into labour with my first and this time I have had the most horrendous aches and pains! Feel like my pelvis is pulling apart all the time. I had my daughter at 38 and a half weeks too so thinking I might be early again too, L x

    1. That's so interesting! Nice to hear someone feeling the same thing, keep hoping it is not just the sign of a baby with a massive head!! X