Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Pizza movie night! Chicago Town Deep Dish Hot Dog Pizzas

At the end of a busy week my daughter and I often reach Friday and decide to snuggle up and have a movie night while we wait for Daddy get home to start the weekend.

We had some Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizzas to try out with our movie this Friday, and boy they were good! I have to admit I am usually more of a thin crust girl but these are delicious. They are not too stodgy and packed to the edges with topping. This is great for kids as they tend to leave the crusts (and that can sometimes mean half the pizza). They are a nice size and you can really have one each. We tried the limited addition hot dog flavour which was scrummy and full of flavour. We also had to try the ham and pineapple as its my daughters favourite!

Mmmmm American style yumminess!
They were delicious baked in the oven but can also be done in the microwave... which was very handy for my other half when he got in late and had to fend for himself!

A great family treat to keep stocked in the freezer, thanks Chicago town was a good start to our bank holiday weekend!!

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