Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Warning: this video made me blub (and smile)!

Well I thought since having my baby my emotions had evened out a bit. I was all over the place during those 9 months, crying for any old reason – whilst watching wildlife programs, if I couldn't find something around the house, and most embarrassingly reading the newspaper whilst traveling the tube.

But now it's over I'm feeling completely level headed, completely calm, and completely back to normal right? Maybe not... maybe being a Mum changes you in a way that you just can't undo? I think it has, because when I watched this advert I have to admit I completely welled up!

Looking after my babies has made me sentimental and the fantastic sentiment of this video got me right there. It isn't a sad video at all, it's actually really up beat, great fun and I loved it. I was, in fact, laughing away watching it before I got all soppy – well worth a watch and a smile.

p.s. please let me know if it left you (just a teeny tad) emotional at the end too...

Please note I have received a small incentive to feature this video, but I did it because I liked it and all thoughts are my own!

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