Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hands on

I love the hands on approach of my toddler. The spirit of 'I'm going to do everything and I'm going to do it right now' is amazing! She wants to touch and pick up everything, see what noise it makes, find out what it feel like and what it can do. You may have seen this photo before from my post about our trip to Italy so apologies for using it on the blog again, I'm not being lazy but for me it summed up this week's Sticky Fingers blog gallery theme 'hands' perfectly!

We were in Pompeii and had just spotted the first lizard of the holiday scuttling along a wall. She was so amazed! After he scurried off into hiding Squiggle announced she must make a stick lizard, (as if it was obvious and exactly what anyone else would do after seeing one). She gathered some sticks and using her very own little hands and big imagination, made her very own lizard on the path. She was very pleased with herself when he was done and skipped round it in delight! This is one of those occasions where her imagination really just caught me by surprise and is a memory I'm going to treasure.