Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Things I wish I'd never started


The adult way of doing things just doesn't really apply to toddlers does it? You do something silly, you laugh, you move on. Oh this is not the way of a little person, do it once, like it, do it over and over and over again. You learn fast as a parent and there are a lot of ideas you know you just don't want put into kid's heads. For example a friend suggested to S while playing hide and seek that her toy might be hiding in the toilet. "Nooooo" was the cry from me, I knew that could well be the start of everything I own being flushed away. I never learn though and have still have done many a thing I wish I'd never started. Here are but a few...

1. Puting a blob of Sudocrem on my nose. This happened a good way back as a clever way of turning nappy tears into giggles, I was pleased with myself. Then every nappy time came "mummy put the cream on your nose please please please!!!" I've refused but I now can't leave the stuff in reaching distance. She'll stick her whole hand in and wipe it on my face / her face / anyone in reach. It is the hardest thing in the world to just wash off by the way, has some kind of inbuilt magic water resistance!

2. Fantastical bedtime tales 
I made up a nice little story about some mice one bedtime and S loved it. It would send her to sleep nicely and myself sometimes. Then one night she begged for 'the mouse and the blue banana'. I wanted to encourage her imagination so ok I said and off I went. Ever since then she has invented wilder and sillier story titles for me to tell. My mind is boggling trying to come up with them and she is laughing and getting very over excited rather than sleepy...doh! 

3. The magic cup
She's not a great drinker so in desperation one meal time I tool a sip from her cup and pretended it turned me onto a duck. She took a sip and turned into a mouse, yes it worked I thought!!! Was it worth it? Now every mealtime I am forced to pretend to be a duck and she still only has a minuscule sip. :(

4. Laughing
This applies to a lot of things when you know it's so wrong but it's so funny. At the weekend, for example, she was scribbling on her doodle book with her wipe clean pen (thankfully) when she decided to turn her face onto that of a zebras. Oh how I tried not to laugh but I couldn't help it. And it got such a good reception the minute i had got her clean, she did it again. Bad mummy, I asked for it!

Do you have any? I bet you do! I'd love to hear them, gone on give me a laugh :) xx



  1. A few days ago DS wouldn't move on the way from preschool. We pretended a crocodile had him and I had to kick it to free him. Now we do it every day, several times on the way and are slower than ever! However I really think that you can't avoid these things and they make wonderful memories!!

    1. That is so cute! We have something similar in boots... A monster lives by the nappies ha ha!! You are do right, they are wonderful memories and I don't regret any of them really! X