Monday, 2 April 2012

Mums 101

What would you do if you were asked on room 101 for the night? Have you ever tried to narrow down what you'd like to throw in there? I have!

I would love them to host a 'mums' episode one night, the perfect chance for us all to vent what really bugs us (in a nice light-hearted fashion)!

Although I do like to think I'm a pretty easy going person, I somehow had a long list to work through. Here are my top 3 mummy related issues that I would love to see thrown into 'Mums 101' forever!

The phrase "slept like a baby"
Clearly to anyone who has had a baby this statement is factually incorrect in every way. If by this phrase you mean you were up 3 times in the night, constantly hungry/needing the toilet, like to start your day at 5am and only drift off to the comforting sound of the hoover, then perfect. Can we please all start using "slept like a teenager" instead?

I really am actually very pro sharing and I am doing my best to insure my little girl grows up being thoughtful and kind to others (promise). I was just always so stressed out by the funny unspoken sharing rules at baby groups. If another child came over to play with the toy mine was playing with, they would often get told not to do that, because my little girl was already playing with it. Surely that is the opposite of sharing, I'd think? And when mine would go and play with a toy another child had I'd feel that "aren't you going to say anything?" look. I'd find it a minefield, like a world of funny etiquette I didn't quite understand! 

People who tut
I think we all know that even the sweetest of babies and toddlers are going to have a melt down every now and then, and it's usually going to be in the middle of the shopping centre. I'd like people to say "oh I remember that feeling" or "we've all been there dear" anything really, but not a tut. A tut is just so disapproving and aggravating. The tutter is gone in a second and you're just left there thinking, what? Really? Come back here and I'll tell you I'm a good mum, actually, and this time yesterday another complete stranger was telling me how absolutely delightful my little girl is... so there!

Do you agree with my choices? Would you let them all into Mums 101? I think I may be alone on number 2!

I would really really love to hear what is bugging everyone else, do you fancy sharing? It really is quite good therapy! 

Anyone can join in – it's the more the merrier. So If you do want to, just post your top 3 motherhood related gripes in your own 'mums 101' post, tag some friends if you can and link back to here so people can come and read the other posts. Then come back and add your link below in my linky

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If the linky has run out and you'd still like to join in just leave me a link to your post in the comments and I'll add a list.

To get the ball rolling I tag the lovely:

Mummy's Cheeky Monkey


  1. I am definitely on bored with the sleeping thing! Whoever coined that phrase had obviously never had children. As for the sharing, I suppose it would depend on whether they sat alongside the other child playing nicely or took it from them. I think some parents are over cautious but maybe they know what their child can be like. ;0) Thanks for the tag! We're away next week so trying to do a couple of posts in advance so won't get round to it until we get back. Remind me if I forget as I'm pants! ;0)

    1. True! I would always say something if mine snatched something from another child!! But playing together I think is great :) xx

  2. What a great idea, and a fab post. I will have to join in with this later!

    The tutting thing gets on my nerves too. We generally get lovely comments when out & about as our little girl Georgie is generally a really good natured child, but occasionally she can play up because she is tired or hungry, or just plain fed up! And when she is like that it's hard because you already feel bad enough yourself for her being upset, without the added irritant of someone tutting you as they pass by!

    1. Exactly, that's why it's so annoying! When she was a baby a had a moment where I was desperately trying to find the feeding room at the shopping centre for the first time and I couldn't find it anywhere. She was getting really hungry & really upset and I got a massive tut from a lady then. I was so upset! xx

  3. One thing I would send to room 101 is the way people judge your parenting abilities by your child behavior. For example my son is learning to perfect his tantrum technique at the moment, usually in crowded places. People often look at me and I can see them critising my parenting because he's having a tantrum-erm have they forgotten all kids do it?! Drives me mental! x

    1. Yep I know what you mean Chloe, and everyone has been through the same thing so they should no better!!

  4. Some woman tutted at me today because Isaac decided to have a chat with the cafe we were in. He's extremely loud as he's practising sounds and everytime he does something he does it over and over as he fascinates himself. Silly old woman tutted and said to her friend 'Imagine what it'll be like when he's older- these young mums have no control'... If my OH hadn't been there I'd have flew lol x

    1. Nooo that is SO rude!! I'd have been fuming, I can imagine what he'll be like when he's older... inquisitive, fun and full of personality!! Silly silly old woman!