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Friday, 1 March 2013

Find me a gift of relaxation this Mother's Day

It is finally March which also means that Mother's Day is fast approaching. I have been on the lookout for little trinkets (on my little budget) that just show mum I care and this Bomb Cosmetics candle sent to me from Find Me A Gift is a great find.

I just love the name of it – any mums out there in need of Blissful Rest? Yep, thought so and although us mums might not completely achieve full rest and relaxation this Mother's Day this candle will certainly help!

It comes in a really pretty pot which is nice to have sat out in your home and is even prettier when you open it. Beneath the lid the actual candle is very sweet, decorated with pretty little white hearts.

The candle is handcrafted and a blend of essential oils – handmade with lavender and clary sage. It gives off a really nice light and subtle, almost citrus smell which really lifts the room and relaxes you instantly. It will last a good while too with a 30-35 hours of burn time.

Every night this week, once Squiggle is tucked in bed, my feet are up and bump is in a comfy position, I've had mine lit and indeed it has been........ BLISS!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Xia Xia Crab & Confetti Cottage from Find Me A Gift

The lovely very kindly sent us a Xia Xia Turks Crab and Xia Xia Confetti Cottage to review and it had been a huge hit!

The minute I saw the toys I had a feeling they would go down well with my little 3 year old girl. She has a bit of a fascination with sea creatures and loves little toys she can collect and play about with.

I had seen some of the Xia Xia range about and always wondered what they were, so it was great to get the chance to find out!

The big difference between these and other small collectible animals is that they move. The crabs are touch sensitive so when you give her claws a poke she scuttles about and changes direction when she hits an obstacle. She is great fun and the movement really helps bring the toy to life.

Another lovely feature is that you can remove her shell and there is a small character that lives inside. My daughter had great fun with this - playing at removing her shell and putting her to bed. Although small it's not too fiddly and easy for little ones to do. I believe the shells are interchangeable so I imagine it would be fun if they had more than one.

Find me a gift also sent us the play house, I wouldn't often recommend the playsets that come with toys but this is great. It has two floors and you can open different doors in the walls and roof to play with it. My little girl loved the fact that this was her little pet crab and she was looking after it. Turks the crab sleeps upstairs and her shell is kept safely downstairs while she is in her house.

The house has a carry handle so Squiggle has taken it everywhere, telling people all about her pet crab. The brilliant thing is that because the lobster is touch sensitive, when she starts carrying the case, as if by magic, Turks starts scuttling about inside her house. Squiggle took great delight in shouting into the house that she was supposed to be asleep!!

When we asked my daughter what she would like to ask Santa for the other day her answer was "a tiger, a sparkly ring and crabs!" My husband and I were totally confused about the crab request but then the penny dropped!

So Xia Xia is now high on my daughters Christmas list and I would recommend them as a great little stocking filler.

A glowing review but my honest opinion!! X

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Some creative gift ideas from 'Find Me a Gift'

Well our girly luck was in last week as we received two fantastic products from Find Me a Gift to review.

All parents know that having children brings with it the inevitable influx of children's parties and before you know it their social lives are better than yours! I love all the parties but with the invitations comes the dilemma of what gift to buy... I always want to get something useful but fun and that wont take up too much room in Mum's house, it can be a tricky one! Thanks to Find Me a Gift I now have a couple of great ideas for you.

First up is the fabulous 'Super Craft Kit for Girls'. When I was offered this product to review I just knew Squiggle would love it. She gets very over excited about pom poms and wobbly eyes and it this set had both, perfect! It is actually quite a large box when you see it which gives a great wow factor for a gift. When I pulled it out from behind my back my daughters eyes lit up immediately. "Can we do it now pleeeease mummy" she begged. She got really excited looking at the box and listing all the different things we could make.

She quickly decided that what she really wanted to make was a caterpillar... He turned out to be a monster caterpillar which she thought was hilarious. It doesn't come with any instructions which allows creativity to flow like this and actually turned out to be a really fun positive.


Squiggle enjoyed taking inspiration from the pictures on the box and so my only negative was that there wasn't much variety in size of the pom poms provided. This meant if you did want to copy, for example, the rabbit on the box, you didn't have all the equipment. This didn't bother my little one in the slightest though... we just improvised and he turned out pretty cute don't you think?!

I would definitely get this as a gift for a girl's birthday, it's the kind of gift that won't matter if you have duplicates and you know it will get definitely get used. It's a sure hit with parents and kids alike and the box looks really fun and glittery and girly. At £5.99 I think it's fantastic value and it's just around the right party of stocking filler price mark for me. As parties get more and more frequent sadly you just have to reign in the budget a bit! I'm so pleased we were sent this it brought us so much fun and lots of giggles.

The next item they were kind enough to send us was a very cute Pillowhead Chubbie. I was so pleased to be sent this as I had been thinking about getting Squiggle some kind of animal cushion but hadn't seen a design I really liked. I had never seen the Chubbies before, they are really sweet! 

I don't think his picture online (or my picture) really does him justice as he is very very lovable in real life. He is soooo soft that you really do just want to snuggle into him and it's this super softness that really wins the day. Perfect for snuggling on the sofa in the evening or on our early morning car journeys we often have to do. The ultimate cosy gift, and a fun original pressie too... oh and my daughter also seems to find it hilarious to throw him about the place due to his roundness, poor little piggy! He costs just under £10 so another great value buy!

Please note I was sent these items to review but my review is honest and all my own, I hope you have found it helpful xx