Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mother's Day bubble cards

I love it when the sun comes out and you can get out in the garden to do your painting. 
Sunday was glorious so we did just that!

We did some simple bubble paintings which I had an idea we could easily turn into bunches of flowers for our mother's day cards for granny and nana. I thought Squiggle would love this as she loves blowing bubbles and gurgling her drink through a straw. I was a bit worried she would slurp it by mistake so I tried food colouring instead of paint - worked a treat!

In our mix we had...
A squirt of washing up liquid
A splash of food colouring
Some water.

I'm sure everyone remembers doing this a school 
but just in case you missed out here is what we did:

We mixed it all together in a plastic cup and then using a straw blew great gurgly bubbles till the paint mixture started to bubble over the top of the cup. We then pressed some white paper on top (Squiggle was especially good at this bit). She really wanted to get creative with her straw and add some wiggly lines too!

Once dry I added some simple stalks on with a green pastel crayon and some leaves so the granny's could tell what they are!

All that's left for me to do before Sunday is trim and mount them on the card. Inside the card I'm going to stick a photo I took of my little artist blowing the paint bubbles with the caption "A Squiggle Creation, 18th March 2012". I think my granny and nana will find that quite amusing and will make the card into a nice little keepsake!

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